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The sole purpose of FS Center is to reunite the people who were scattered when gamespy abruptly shutdown. This website was the idea of long time Virtual Aviation Experience member Evan P. So feel free to use the forums to give people access to your sessions via direct connect IP as well as ask questions and much more. There is much more to come so please keep an eye out for changes.

TeamSpeak 3 Connection Info provided by VAE
IP: Virtual-Aviation.gotdns.org:9987
PASSWORD: There is no password!

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We have finished most of the main design elements on the site. Next we will be working on getting more activity on the forums and posting some information about upcoming events and such. Stay tuned.
Please note this is not a final version of the site, we are working on getting the main functionality working before digging into the design element. Please have a look at the forums as this will be a major portion of the site. If you have any questions please contact us at General@fscenter.net.

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